Murder on Location

Death in the English Countryside (Book One)

Even quaint and quirky English villages have a darker side…

Location scout and Jane Austen aficionado, Kate Sharp, is thrilled when the company she works for lands the job of finding locations for a new film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, but then her boss fails to return from a scouting trip to England. Kate travels to England to salvage the company’s reputation. Things go from bad to worse when Kate arrives in Nether Woodsmoor, a quaint village of golden stone cottages and rolling green hills, only to find no trace of her boss. Even the rumpled, easygoing local scout they consulted, Alex, doesn’t know where he might be. Increasingly worried about her boss and with an antsy director waiting for updates about the preproduction details, Kate embarks on a search that includes a pub-crawl and cozy cottages as well as stately country manors. But with no sign of her boss, she begins to suspect that the picturesque village and beautiful countryside may not be as idyllic as they seem.

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Death in an English Cottage (Book Two)

An English Cottage to die for…

It’s spring in England, and location scout Kate Sharp has returned to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens, budding hedgerows, and mellow stone cottages to work on a Jane Austen television documentary. The unique opportunity also gives her the chance to explore a possible romance with Alex, the deliciously rumpled local scout. Rumors of recently discovered Jane Austen letters stir up the production, but then an unidentified young woman dies, and the police investigation narrows to focus on the documentary crew. Desperate to keep her job and help a friend under suspicion, Kate delves into the search for the identity of the woman. Who was she? What was her connection to the seemingly sleepy village? And who in the village is lying?

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Death in Stately Home (Book Three)

Good houseguests don’t get accused of murder…

Kate Sharp loves the perks of her location scout profession. When she fills in for a researcher at a Regency-themed English house party, she’s looking forward to indulging in the posh atmosphere of tea on the lawn and elegant candlelight dinners, but when the guest next-door is murdered in a locked room, Kate becomes the prime suspect. As she turns her attention to the guests, the staff, and the owners, Kate must unlock the mystery and uncover the murderer before she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. Death in a Stately Home is the third installment in the Murder on Location collection, a series of British cozy mysteries. If you love engaging characters, compelling British detective mysteries, the works of Jane Austen, and vivid locations that transport you to another place, then you’ll love Sara Rosett’s latest whodunit.

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Death in an Elegant City (Book Four)

Sightseeing is murder…

Location scout Kate Sharp is thrilled to be part of a scouting trip to the historic city of Bath, England to research the location for a Jane Austen documentary. But before Kate gets a chance to stroll the elegant boulevards where Austen once lived, murder cuts the sightseeing short. Now Kate must rearrange her itinerary and find the killer before she and the production are shut down permanently. Perfect for fans of British detective mysteries, Death in an Elegant City blends the puzzle of a whodunit with the mystique of Jane Austen. It is the forth installment in the popular Murder on Location series, a collection of traditional British cozy mysteries. Escape into a quintessentially English cozy with a Sara Rosett mystery today!

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Menace at the Christmas Market: a Novella (Book Five)

A Christmas Novella 

With the holidays nearing, Kate has time off, a rare occurrence for a location scout. The Jane Austen documentary series is in a production lull, and she plans to spend her time searching for the perfect Christmas gift for Alex, which has turned out to be a task as difficult as finding an unspoiled location for a medieval-inspired fantasy series. Kate goes to the local Regency-themed Christmas Market in search of a gift, but a new acquaintance is poisoned. Kate is drawn into the investigation and soon realizes she must discover who wants to make sure she doesn’t ring in the New Year. Pick up your copy of this fun holiday novella today! 

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Menace at the Christmas Market originally appeared in the multi-author anthology, Happy Homicides in 2015. 

Death in an English Garden (Book Six)

A common, garden-variety murder…

Location scout Kate Sharp is enjoying the gorgeous springtime in her favorite idyllic English village while coordinating locations for a Jane Austen documentary, but when she’s assigned to manage a difficult star who has received threats, Kate discovers that danger and death aren’t always on screen. After a tragic accident in the star’s beautiful English garden, Kate suspects murder. With a sly and secretive murderer intent on putting suspicion on Kate, she must find the culprit before she’s led down the garden path.  

Death in an English Garden is the sixth entry in the popular Murder on Location series, which are perfect for cozy mystery readers who want to indulge their inner Anglophile. Will appeal to fans of M. C. Beaton, Stephanie Barron, and Marty Wingate.

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Death at an English Wedding (Book Seven)

Tying the knot was never so deadly…

Wedding bells are ringing in the English village of Nether Woodsmoor for location scouts Kate and Alex. They are tying the knot at one of England’s most elegant stately homes, but when a wedding guest is murdered and suspicion falls on those closest to Kate, she and Alex must put their plans for happily ever after on hold. If they can’t figure out who sabotaged their big day, their honeymoon may be over before it begins. Death at an English Wedding is the seventh installment in the popular Murder on Location series from USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett, which features an English village, quirky characters, along with dashes of humor and romance.

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Murder on Location Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Beautiful homes. Puzzling mysteries. Diabolical murders!

Kate Sharp thinks she’s landed the perfect job. As a Jane Austen aficionado, scouting locations to film the latest Austen adaptation feels like a dream. When her boss goes missing in the English countryside, Kate goes on the hunt to find him before her company can lose the gig.

As things go from bad to worse in the charming village, the locals become more and more suspicious of Kate and her crew. Kate must solve the mystery before her Austen dreams go up in smoke.

The Murder on Location Boxed Set includes the first three books in a series of cozy mysteries set in the English countryside. If you like pleasantly complex characters, quaint locations, and plots that keep you guessing, then you’ll love Sara Rosett’s witty, mysterious series. Buy the boxed set to solve three cozy mysteries today!

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