How to Outline a Cozy Mystery

Learn how to create a framework so that you can begin writing your cozy

Want to write a cozy mystery but don’t know how to get started?


The How to Outline a Cozy Mystery course will show you how to create a framework so that you can begin writing your cozy.


Do you want to know the basic building blocks of a cozy mystery? Do you wonder why cozy readers devour these mysteries voraciously? Are you fuzzy on how the structure of a cozy mystery fits into the classic plot structure? Do you wonder what the “rules” are for a cozy mystery? Do you wonder where you can bend the rules?

Let successful cozy novelist Sara Rosett show you how she’s planned and written 20 mysteries.

While each book is unique, every novel is built on a framework that is as old as storytelling itself. Cozy mysteries are no different. Discover the underlying structure that keeps cozy readers coming back for more.

In the How to Outline a Cozy Mystery course you’ll discover:

  • The many different outlining methods you can use to build your story framework

  • The essential elements of cozy mysteries

  • The psychology behind why readers choose cozies

  •  How a cozy mystery fits into classic plot structure

  • The conventions (or tropes) that cozy readers want and expect

  • Tips on how to hide clues and red herrings

  • Special considerations that you must take into account in a cozy, like the amateur sleuth’s motivation to investigate and handling the challenge of connecting the protagonist with suspects

  • How you can bend the “rules” of mystery writing

  • Secrets to planning a multi-book series

  • The three things you must know about your cozy before you begin to write

  • And much, much more!

Rosett’s firsthand knowledge of cozy mystery structure and what cozy readers want can help you shape your idea into a novel. Rosett’s course will save you time and give you confidence as you approach the blank page. Sign up for Rosett’s course today and you’ll get an easy to understand plan to guide you through the process of outlining your mystery.

Learn how to outline a cozy and start writing with Rosett’s easy-to-follow course today!