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Can the Hawking Index tell us when people give up on books?

By counting which pages readers highlight on their Kindles, a new scale attempts to measure how far people persist with certain well-known books. Bad news for Capital – and Fifty Shades of Grey


Not really scientific, but fun. :) 


I don't usually highlight passages in my Kindle, but when I do, it's always #jane #austen. 

Report: Amazon Testing ‘Kindle Unlimited’ Subscription Ebook Service | Digital Book World

Amazon is testing an all-you-can-read subscription ebook service to compete with firms like Scribd and Oyster, according to multiple blogs, citing Web pages


Good for readers. Not sure if it's good for authors yet. 

Ways With Words 2013: Jane Austen prescribed as antidote to the horrors of WW1 – Telegraph

The novels of Jane Austen were prescribed to shell-shocked WW1 soldiers because of their soothing effect, an Oxford fellow has said.


I have to quibble with this statement: "Dr Byrne said Austen was loved for the same reason audiences were fond of Downton Abbey now: showing a world where “everyone knew their place”. 


One of the major themes of Downton Abbey is that everything *is* changing--the role of the aristocracy, the rigid class systems, the role of women...need I go on?