How can I keep up with your books and news?

Here are the best ways to stay in touch with me:

  • Signup for my Notes and News From Sara updates. I send an update when I have a new release, a sale, a special group promotion, or a giveaways that includes print copies of my books as well as other great mysteries. You’ll also get my personal reading recommendations, exclusive excerpts of upcoming books, and a notification when my Reading Team is open for new members.

Don’t want the extra stuff, just an update when a new book is out?

If you’ve followed me on Amazon or Facebook you might get my updates. Amazon sends notifications, but it is hit or miss and Facebook limits how many friends see posts, so if you want to keep up with my books, I really recommend one of the other options above. :)

Where can I find a list of your books?

Check out my Books page, which lists every book in each series in order.

Should I read your books in order?

My cozies (the Ellie Avery series and the Murder on Location series) have characters who change and grow throughout the series, but there are no cliffhangers or spoilers in the cozies. They can be read in any order—unless you are a “complete-ist” like me. I really like to begin a series with the first book and read them in order. ?

My On the Run series is structured a bit differently, and I’d recommend starting with the first book, Elusive.

Do you travel and make personal appearances?

Rarely. Most of my personal appearances are in or around Houston, including the wonderful indie mystery bookstore, Murder by the Book. Check my Event list on the main page of this website to for upcoming events. 

Do you have any advice for writers?

Yes! In fact, I’ve created a course for writers: How to Outline a Cozy Mystery. I’ve also compiled all my favorite tips and resources into a book, The Efficient Writer.